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  • Getting close to home

    It was recently reported that the suicide rate in the Air Force's Air Combat Command (ACC) spiked to 22 per 100,000 people. Air Combat Command now has the highest rate of suicide of all the branches of the uniformed services and this report is not only disturbing, but somewhat mysterious. Why would ACC have such a high rate of suicide? Its members
  • The push continues...

    Education. Education. Education. The push continues for Air National Guard members to update our educational status with our Base Education Office. Recently, I attended an Human Resource Advisor (HRA) regional workshop and degree status updates were given for the ANG and active duty. The current numbers show our active duty counterparts receiving
  • Summer safety - 101 critical days of summer

    Summer is coming and many of us look forward to outdoor activities with family and friends. Every year base Safety asks you to focus on these 101 Critical Days of Summer, but why? Traditionally, the Air Force sees fatalities and accidents rise in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. In 2007, the Air Force saw 19 fatalities in this period
  • Spring training

    Professional baseball spring training season is now underway and it was the topic of conversation last night as I enjoyed a delicious Lenten fish dinner at the Lincoln, IL Knights of Columbus Hall. Predictions were being made about what teams seemed to be having a successful spring training season and what teams appeared to be showing dismal
  • USAF TRiPS: The Air Force Travel Risk Planning System

    In the coming year many members of our unit will be travelling to technical schools via their personally owned vehicles. There is now a tool available to minimize hazards on longer travels. TRiPS: the Air Force Travel Planning System is a risk management/assessment system developed by the U.S. Army. The Department of Defense funded development of
  • Catching God's ear

    To many observers, it seems like some people have all the luck and get all the attention. More precisely, it seems like some people always have their prayers answered. It is fair to ask what we have to do to be admitted to that fortunate group. The answer is quite easy and simple.There are four things we need to do to catch the attention of God.
  • Tis the season - tornadoes, flash floods and lightning

    Do you know what to do and where to go during a tornado, flash floods or lightning? The following are pointers and tips for the upcoming storm season.Tornadoes: Tornadoes are the most violent atmospheric phenomenon on the planet. Winds of 200-300 mph can occur with the most violent tornadoes. The following are instructions on what to do when a
  • Mission Support Group - A diverse organization

    The 183rd Fighter Wing's Mission Support Group (MSG) is a diverse organization charged with supporting the missions of the 183rd FW and the 217th EIS on a daily basis. The MSG touches every part of the base by providing support to the Wing in the areas of personnel, customer service, fire protection and rescue, security, background checks,
  • World Kidney Day is March 11

    Kidneys provide two major functions within our bodies. They remove waste products and excess fluids from the body. These waste products are removed through urine. Here is a list of the many functions of the kidneys: Remove waste products from the body Remove drugs from the body Balance the body's fluids Release hormones that regulate
  • Becoming a spiritual leader

    One of the most admirable characteristics of many young people today is their desire to "become a spiritual person." For many this is somewhat vague and ambiguous, and because of that I might be able to help.A spiritual person, first of all, is one who believes we are subject to a divine power who watches over us and judges our action. Not