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  • Change, SMART Goals, and Elevator Speeches

    In February, the HRA office sponsored a "leadership", "improve yourself", "learn something new" seminar for members of the 183rd. Lt. Col. George Vukotich (pictured below) gave a presentation on the Sunday of February drill. The title of this learning event was "Change is Happening Are You?" There were three opportunities to attend the seminar and
  • Professional military organizations

    One of the great things about being a member of the National Guard is that mission accomplishment is enhanced due to the diverse backgrounds and professions that we bring to our military duties. As professionals in our day-to-day civilian lives, we belong to organizations that advance our respective professions. Lawyers belong to the bar
  • Our mission is you!

    Annual health assessment forms, dental forms, lab, shots, waivers, profiles, gas masks, pre- and post-deployment assessments, fitness program screening, occupational health exams. For most of you, this is the face of the 183rd Medical Group, as we perform our mission to the wing to ensure a medically ready and deployable force.Our mission
  • Don't let the cold bring you down

    "Old man winter" has blown into Central Illinois and as I sit here in my office, I see snow rapidly covering the ground and highway. Coupled with several days of clouds and damp weather, there is no doubt in anyone's mind (or bones) that winter is making its usual visit to the midwest. For those who love outdoor winter sports, the snow is a
  • Heart awareness

    In the United States alone, heart disease is the nations' number one killer each year. Some of these disease are preventable and some are inherited or genetic. Half of heart related deaths were woman and in 2009, heart disease will cost the United States $304.6 billion. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost
  • What does mentoring mean to you?

    In December, I had the honor of sitting on the Outstanding Airman of the Year interview board. It was a very humbling experience and one that I enjoyed. I got to meet new people, ask questions, get their input, and learn more about the outstanding members of the 183rd! This year, I decided to focus my questions on mentoring. I wanted to know what