Cut, paste, delete, and save often

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport, Illinois -- Have you ever written an article for the Falcon's View or another publication? If so, was it easy, difficult to get started, or a lot of deleting and hitting the back button? I have experienced all of these while writing various articles.  Sometimes the words just flow; sometimes I hit the back button just as much as the letters for words.  Even now, I have deleted over four sentences and started over. Generally, I have a theme, some support materials, maybe a graphic to add to the article, or the handy dandy push the flywheel tips of the past.

These all add to the article and help shape the ideas behind the writing. So, why is this month different?  No graphics. No tips. No support materials.

I do have a theme - and maybe that is the challenge. This is my final HRA article for the Falcon's View. I have been chosen as the State HRA and my last drill at the 183rd FW was June. Therefore, several themes could be applied to this article, but I think I will stick with thank you.

Members of the 183rd, thank you for the opportunities and support you have given me over the years. I joined the unit in 1990 and have been in various AFSCs.  I have also had the opportunity to TDY around the globe, deploy with two AEF cycles, attend schools and conferences, and meet many amazing people.

As the Wing HRA, I have experienced your support with projects and for promotional  ideas. You are an amazing group of people! Your dedication and commitment are
exemplary. I truly appreciate the 183rd and am proud to have been a part of this great organization.