Change can be good

ABRAHAM LINCOLN CAPITAL AIRPORT, Springfield -- STOP THE PRESSES. Well we at the 183rd are stopping the presses for good on the Falcon's View. We will continue to issue the Falcon's View, but now it will only be distributed
electronically. For some this will be a painful change. No longer will one be able to catch up on the news of the 183rd with the feel of paper between their fingers.  One will now be required to embrace the modern reality of online distribution. The Falcon's View officially becomes an e-zine with the March edition.

WHY? Well the answer is fairly simple. A new USAF Air Force Instruction now directs that a unit can no longer expend appropriated funds to publish unit publications like the Falcon's View. So we and all the other units who like our paper newsletters are sent rushing into the future.

BUT WAIT! There will be some definite advantages to a purely electronic newsletter. Printing costs and technology have limited the creativity and size of the newsletter.  Every future Falcon's View will be able to maximize the use of color in photos and content. The unit will have additional funds to spend on other very pressing needs.  The number of pages in each addition of the Falcon's View will not be limited to multiples of four pages.  Therefore, if there is something noteworthy, Public Affairs does not need to take another article out or add three more pages in order to meet the four page requirement.  We will be greener in that we will not be using tens of thousands of pages of paper each month that will eventually become waste. Finally and most important, you are going to get access to it sooner. The timeliness of the Falcon's View will significantly improve. Due to the lack of time between UTAs
and the time to print, mail, and deliver the newsletter; it sometimes does not arrive in time to provide information pertinent to the upcoming UTA. For some it even arrives after UTA. With the new electronic Falcon's View, the unit and the commanders will be able to provide members, with over a week's notice, information on and reminders of important matters and events occurring during the upcoming UTA. The Falcon's View will evolve from a newsletter mostly focused on the past with some information on the long-term future to one that will still be able to chronicle the important things of the past, but it will also be able to prepare one for the next UTA.  So instead of the day before UTA, you will soon be able to see the Falcon's
View weeks earlier on your computers and smart phones.

SO change is coming. The old paper-based Falcon's View has had a nice run. It has a great and proud tradition of accomplishment. All who have had a hand its content and production should be proud.  But we look forward to the new Falcon's View being even better.  Sometimes change is not that bad.