"E pluribus unum" - "Out of many, one"

ABRAHAM LINCOLN CAPITAL AIRPORT, Illinois -- "There is no I in Team" - that is a saying that most of us have heard at one time in our lives - and probably in the military setting too. As I reflect back on military experiences, I think about the teamwork it took to accomplish the goal or complete the mission. It might have been an ORI, Basic Training, an AEF rotation, PME, or organizing a Wing event. No matter what, in order to be successful we often need to operate as a team. In support of this concept, the HRA theme for this month is "High Performance Teams".

As we take time to look at the posters around base or the tabletops in the dining facility, let's reflect upon our teamwork and pulling together as a Flight, Squadron, Group, and Wing. We should not only think about past efforts, but also future endeavors and how we must work together to support one another and accomplish the mission. With a commitment to work together as high performing teams, we maximize our strengths and capabilities to rise above any challenge. As Airmen, we are not alone!