Lt Col Alan Kilbourne Accepts Command of the 183d Medical Group

  • Published
  • By Amn Danielle Dillard
  • 183d Wing
Lt Col Alan Kilbourne accepts the 183d Medical Group (183 MDG) guidon from Col Robert Gellner, Commander, 183d Wing, as he assumes command of the group. Kilbourne replaces Col Lemuel Shaffer, who has served as 183 MDG commander since 2017.
Lt Col Kilbourne has recently returned from a deployment, where he served as the Medical Support Services Commander. Prior to his deployment, Kilbourne served as the Ohio Joint Surgeon General, leading Army and Air medical teams into various lead and support roles with local, state, private, and federal agencies for the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The assumption of command ceremony is a military tradition deeply rooted in history and dates back to the time of Frederick the Great of Prussia. The formal assumption of command ceremony affords troops the opportunity to witness a new leader assuming their dutiful position.