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  • 183rd FW - Unit History

    Since Sept. 30,1948, when Federal recognition was granted to the 170th Fighter Squadron (the precursor to the 183d FW), the 183d Fighter Wing has established and maintained a tradition of excellence and fighter readiness. From 60 men meeting Thursday nights at the State Armory to approximately 1,000

  • 183WG Mission Statement

    Vision Statement:  The foundation of the 183d delivering superior support always.Mission Statement:  Provide the foundation for the 183d missions; deploying combat ready forces while delivering full spectrum support to our installation and providing valuable resources to the governor or president in

  • 217 EIS - Engineering Branch

    This branch develops engineering packages providing instructions, materials, support requirements and drawings needed to install, remove, relocate or modify communications systems.Engineers are the first step of the installation process. They perform site surveys to gather information, validate

  • 217 EIS - Installations Branch

    The Installations Branch is the largest branch in the 217th, consisting of Workload Control, Quality Assurance, Wire and Electronics personnel.Workload Control is the focal point for managing all engineering installation projects and tasking. Typically there are more requirements for cable work than

  • 217 EIS - Mission Support Branch

    Mission Support Branch includes Logistics, Personnel, Information Management, Training, Logistics, Material Control and Vehicle Maintenance.Logistics role is to get qualified personnel with the right equipment to a specific destination in a quick and safe manner. The mobility program is managed by

  • 217th Engineering Installation Squadron

    The 217th Engineering Installation Squadron became an active unit of the Air National Guard in November 1954 but its history goes back to 1942. Throughout its history and its many different affiliations, the 217th has been making outstanding contributions to the United States, Illinois and the

  • Aerospace Medical Career Field

    1. Specialty Summary. Plans, provides, and evaluates routine patient care and treatment of beneficiaries to include flying and special operational duty personnel. Organizes the medical environment, performs and directs support activities for patient care situations, including contingency operations

  • Bioenvironmental Career Field

    BIOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CAREER FIELD1. Specialty Summary. Performs and manages bioenvironmental engineering activities in the fields of industrial hygiene, occupational health, radiological health, and environmental protection to ensure healthful working conditions are maintained and that the

  • Chaplain

    CHAPLAIN CAREER FIELDThe Chaplain Assistant Career Field builds a culture of spiritual care for Air Force members, their families and other authorized personnel, while pursuing the Chaplain Service vision of Glorify God, Honor Airmen and Serve All. Chaplain assistants facilitate religious

  • Civil Engineer Career Field

    The Civil Engineering Career Field encompasses: mechanical and electrical activities to install, operate, maintain, and repair base direct support systems and equipment; electrical facilities; electrical power generation and distribution; and heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration