HYDRA BITE Tests 183d Capabilities

  • Published
  • By Airman Danielle Dillard
  • 183d Wing
The 183d Wing, Illinois Air National Guard, held an on-base exercise, Exercise HYDRA BITE, May 5 and 6, 2023. Exercise HYDRA BITE focused on demonstrating the 183d Wing’s ability to respond to simulated threats at a Main Operating Base (MOB) to a Forward Operating Site (FOS) in an Agile Combat Employment (ACE) scenario.
Exercise HYDRA BITE gave 183d Airmen the opportunity to simulate being deployed to a MOB and moving to a FOS in an ACE scenario to increase readiness for a possible deployment scenario. The exercise simulated deployment events, security events and contested, degraded, operationally limited (CDO) events.
During the Exercise, Airmen responded to simulated threats and crises, such as medical emergencies and attacks on the base. Airmen also were members of Post Attack Reconnaissance (PAR) Teams that conducted sweeps of the base to check for simulated damage, casualties, or unexploded ordnance.