Strength Through Partnership

  • Published
  • By Major Tanner Lovett
  • 183d Wing

The 183d Air Operations Group participated in Regional Defense Air Commander (RADC) Academics with our Polish Partners at the 1st Regional Control and Reporting Center (RCRC) at Krakow-Balice Air Base, Krakow, Poland.

These academics helped coalition participants prepare to support regional Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) for the upcoming Exercise ASTRAL KNIGHT 24. This iteration of the exercise will include Poland directly supporting the US Area Air Defense Commander (AADC) as a RADC from their Air Operations Center (AOC) in Warsaw. While coordination and interoperability in a coalition is vital for success, it is also difficult to implement without a common understanding of the situation, command relationships and operations. The academics prepared the participants, including senior leaders from Poland’s AOC, on best IAMD practices and identified potential points of friction that could be addressed ahead of time.

For the last 9 years, the 183d AOG has been instrumental in improving the interoperability and relationships between the US and Polish AOCs. The 183d AOG members, led by the Group Commander, Colonel Jonathan Edwards, provided insight and expertise along with instructors from the Joint Ballistic Missile Defense Training and Education Center (JBTEC). The 183d AOG will play a key role during ASTRAL KNIGHT, supporting US and Poland from the Polish CRC in Warsaw.

The event also served as a bit of a reunion for the 183d members and former members of the Polish AOC, as several members on the Polish side, now promoted to command positions in different areas of the country, were present at the academics. The relationships established and cultivated by the 183d demonstrate the long-term commitment of the United States to Poland through the State Partnership Program (SPP).