• Published
  • By Col. Ronald E. Paul
  • Commander, 183rd Fighter Wing
     First of all, I would like to thank all of you for working so hard in preparation for our inspections. It is a long, arduous process getting ready, and I am very proud of our effort so far. It is just about show time, so we need to maintain maximum focus. Let's continue refining our programs in order to ensure we are 100 percent in compliance with directives. It is very important to strive for achieving the best rating in all areas.
     There are a few things I want to address now. The first is attitude. It is paramount to have a positive attitude. We need to ensure we are proactive and positive in all aspects. The inspectors are here to help. If they identify something needing correction, do not argue. Take their advice and make the adjustments on the spot. If it is something that cannot be done immediately, form a corrective action plan and ensure you give the plan to the inspector. When a deficiency or problem is identified, it is very important to up-channel all potential issues to your supervisor and commander, so leadership is aware.
     Next, I would like to address perception. It is very easy to form an opinion on a unit in a very short time. We need to ensure we continue to put our best foot forward every minute of every day, even when we think no one is looking. We need to wear the uniform properly, have good haircuts, keep our hands out of our pockets, render crisp salutes, etc. As you have heard me say, 90 percent of an inspection is attitude. We also need to treat the IG inspectors with respect. I expect every member of the 183d Fighter Wing to stand up when an inspector enters a room, regardless of their rank. Professional courtesies like this go a long way.
     The 183rd Fighter Wing is a first-class unit. We need to be good wingmen and ensure we watch each other. If somebody is skirting professionalism or forgetting a courtesy, let him or her know. Do not ignore anything you see when it should be fixed on the spot. Great units maintain their status by employing the wingman concept. I am truly excited for these inspections. We have prepared for a long time and made a lot of progress and everyone should be proud of their respective areas. We have a long tradition of high performance. Now it is time to show off our base. Thanks for all you have done and let's go to work.