Here to help - An interview with Meg Haycraft

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt Stephen Unverzagt
  • 183d FW Public Affairs
You may have seen her around base since she joined us in July of this year, but may not know who she is or what she does. I am speaking of Meg Haycraft, the Wing Director of Psychological Health. She acknowledges this title rather begrudgingly and would rather be known by a different moniker. Give her a call and she will let you know that title.

She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is very committed to improving the overall resilience, wellbeing and readiness of unit members.  Meg would really like to help, lift the stigma surrounding persons who seek help and finds that much easier to accomplish being embedded in our unit. She considers herself part of the safety net
that surrounds our returning warriors and wants to support unit members and not let them fall through the cracks. In her work she enjoys giving people the resources and tools to help move forward in their healing and improving the enjoyment we can get out of life.

Resistance to change is one obstacle that she has overcome and to educate unit members on how important the work she performs is to unit health. Even though she
has never been in the service she has worked with numerous branches and finds that our unit has been very receptive to her assistance. She operates under similar confidentiality guidelines as the medical squadron and if you have questions about this issue, she is more than happy to answer those questions. She has already had a great response from the unit and she stated "it only took two drills" until the first un it member asked to speak with her on an issue. She was very pleased with the quick response.

Meg would like unit members to know that she is only a phone call away and operates on a true 24/7 basis. If you or a unit member you know ever needs anything, and she means anything, she is only a phone call away!