Comm is going 3D!

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. John Jordan
  • 183d Fighter Wing
When I first heard that Communication AFSCs were changing to 3D, I thought we would all get cool glasses with one green and one red lens and maybe see our jobs in a whole new perspective. We did not get the glasses but we are looking at our jobs differently.

In the communication career fields we as military members often struggle to keep pace with our civilian counterparts. Often the changes they are incorporating do not fit the security requirements of our networks. New technologies go through extensive testing to ensure we do not leave ourselves vulnerable once they are installed. Don't put in your requirement for a Government i-phone® just yet, we typically lag behind industry by about four or five years and even then not all of the new gizmos will find their way into the Air Force inventory.

One of the major changes the Air Force adopted in 2000, based off of industry models, was "One Air Force, One Network." This initiative has made our networks work more efficiently together and hopefully made our jobs more productive. Yet another change was recently standing up the Air Force Cyber Command. Communication networks are now given the same priorities as conventional weapon systems. Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I heard "I can't get my job done without this computer."

What does that have to do with 3D AFSCs you may be asking? Those changes have caused us to re-evaluate our skill sets and what each work center is required to do to accomplish our mission. I should probably clarify that they are not three-dimensional AFSCs but rather three "delta", as in 3D0X1, AFSCs. We now have Cyber Systems Operations instead of the Network Control Center, Cyber Surety instead of Information Assurance and Knowledge Operations instead of Information Management just to name a few. These are not just name changes either many duties have been realigned from one work center to another; an important example of this would be the Client Systems AFSC. As you may have guessed these airmen will be working on...client systems! So now when you have an issue with the computer on your desk, don't call Cyber Operations (formerly NCC) call our Client Systems work center at ext. 241.

Our realigned AFSCs should once again make us more efficient and productive but of course these changes don't happen overnight. We have been working these changes into our full time and military duties for a couple of months now. Do not be surprised though if the technician you are used to working with suddenly tells you "that is not my job anymore" and forwards you to another work center. Our ultimate goal is always customer satisfaction - while maintaining the integrity and security of our network so rest assured your issue will be resolved.

Unlike Kerasotes, we will not charge extra for our 3D service!