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217 EIS - Mission Support Branch

Mission Support Branch includes Logistics, Personnel, Information Management, Training, Logistics, Material Control and Vehicle Maintenance.

Logistics role is to get qualified personnel with the right equipment to a specific destination in a quick and safe manner. The mobility program is managed by developing plans, training and mobility exercises. The goal is to prepare unit members for worldwide deployments and to ensure successful mission completion. All personnel that deploy overseas or for longer than 30 days are worked through the logistics office to ensure they meet all readiness requirements.

The Personnel, Information Management, and Training sections support the squadron by ensuring team members have the information, orders, pay, entitlements and training necessary to achieve success in their careers and tasks. Here's a breakdown of the 956 orders issued last year; AT 458 days, MPA USAFE 968 days for USAFE projects, this year it was for Aviano, MPA ACC 2006 this was for work at Whiteman AFB, MPA AFPSC 161 days for a project at Schriever AFB, DISA 3240 days, ST days 951 these are days for EI schools, Patriot and EI projects at ANG bases.

Material Control provides personnel with the equipment, tools and clothing items necessary to safely and efficiently get the job done. Provision of these items requires planning and coordination of funds made available to the unit. Material Control also works diligently to ensure that all unit assets are accounted for at all times.

Vehicle Maintenance ensures the unit's vehicle fleet is ready for immediate ground or air deployment. Vehicles range in size from passenger cars to 20-ton special purpose vehicles. A unique aspect of EI vehicles is that some the special purpose vehicles are tasked under their own UTC. This means that the vehicle or maintainers could be tasked separately. After 9/11 we were tasked for vehicles and sent them to the AOR. If they are still in use today you might see a vehicle with 217th EIS or IL SPI plates.