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217 EIS - Installations Branch

The Installations Branch is the largest branch in the 217th, consisting of Workload Control, Quality Assurance, Wire and Electronics personnel.

Workload Control is the focal point for managing all engineering installation projects and tasking. Typically there are more requirements for cable work than for antenna or electronics. Throughout the year we work with NGB, MAJCOM STEMs, other EI units and NGB for antenna, ground radio, SATCOM and Airfield Communications projects. Funded projects are distributed through the Total Force Group program by NGB. This process gives Active Duty and ANG EI units an equitable distribution of MAJCOM projects based on unit size and UTC tasking. NGB has designated AEF tasking and contingency workload as our Number 1 and 2 priorities to meet EI mission requirements. This section also prioritizes and manages squadron funds and coordinates with the unit's customers.

Quality Assurance (QA) evaluates the quality of engineering, installation, unit support, project management, logistic support, safety, and workmanship. Quality Assurance evaluations focus on product quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous process improvement of EI procedures and processes.

The Wire section consists of antenna and cable this section works with HF, VHF and UHF antenna systems and also performs periodic maintenance inspections. In addition, Wire installs copper cable and splices, terminates and troubleshoots traditional copper wire and fiber for communication services.

The Electronics section was recently reorganized under the new AFSC conversions. We no longer have Ground Radio or Wideband/Satcom/Telemetry AFSCs. The new AFSCs are in RF Transmissions and Airfield Communications.

Electronics provides the qualified personnel to install, relocate and remove pre-positioned HF, UHF and VHF ground radio systems and facilities and/or microwave, troposcatter radio equipment, satellite and repeater systems and meteorological equipment.