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Mission Support Career Field

The Mission Support Career Field includes functions and activities of personnel, military equal opportunity, education and training, and manpower.

Personnel functions encompass classifying, assigning, promoting, base reenlisting and separating military personnel; MilPDS management; controlling, administering, and interpreting personnel tests used to measure general learning ability, specific aptitudes, job proficiency, interests, and other pertinent human variables; processing officer performance reports and enlisted performance reports; monitoring quality control programs; advising military personnel and their family members on benefit programs; preparing and maintaining qualification records and other personnel records and reports; developing and maintaining manual and mechanized personnel records and reports; occupational surveys; and collecting elementary psychological data for human resources research.

Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) functions include counseling, educational, and administrative functions to support social actions program.

Education and training activities include training systems development and management, and education services. Training systems involves developing and managing training programs; supervising training activities; providing advice and guidance on enlisted specialty training (EST); and EST advisory services and duties associated with other training functions. Education services involve administering off-duty education programs; advisement on education programs; and maintaining educational services facilities including office libraries containing educational materials and bulletin boards.

Manpower and Organization (MO) functions encompass manpower and organization activities, with core competencies in organization, requirements determination, program allocation and control, and performance management. These include developing and maintaining various organizational structures, manpower standards; analysis of methods, procedures, manpower authorizations, manpower usage, military-civilian mix, manpower force elements, peacetime and wartime requirements; contingency management; operational planning and execution, contractual services, process improvement, productivity enhancement, benchmarking, reengineering, consulting services, and using various data systems.

1. Specialty Summary. Supervises and performs personnel activities and functions, including personnel action requests; source documents; unit, field, and master personnel records; and Commander's Support Staff (CSS) tasks. Interviews and classifies airmen and officers. Advises on career progression. Updates military personnel data system (PDS) records. Manages Air Force retention programs, assists military personnel in making career decisions, and advises on benefit programs. Ensures compliance with personnel policies, directives, and procedures. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 153100.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:

2.1. Advises officers and airmen on military personnel issues and programs. Conducts interviews to determine individual interests, qualifications, and personnel data. Briefs provisions of personnel programs such as assignments, promotions, separations, retirements, benefit programs, retention, bonus, classification, training and retraining, and personnel reliability program, and career progression. Helps commanders develop career information and motivation programs. Manages selective reenlistment and career airman reenlistment reservation programs. Counsels airmen on reenlistment opportunities and benefits. Monitors retention programs and provides reports and statistics. Helps users determine training requirements, methods, and procedures.

2.2. Creates, maintains, and audits personnel records. Records information in unit, field, and PDS records. Prepares and maintains personnel records, aeronautical orders, and personnel action requests. Prepares and processes documentation for administration of quality control programs. Reviews personnel records, and interviews individuals to ensure accuracy of information. Compares basic records with source documents, transaction registers, and management products. Inspects records, master personnel, and command and field personnel records. Reviews and processes evaluation reports.

2.3. Performs personnel actions. Updates computerized personnel data. Conducts in and out processing. Monitors personnel readiness programs. Schedules individuals for processing personnel actions such as reenlistment, promotion, separation, retirement, or reassignment. Administers standard tests, acts as test monitor, scores tests, and records results. Prepares and processes correspondence, forms, and PDS transactions. Advises members on official and personal obligations incident to relocation, training, and promotion. Prepares and processes relocation actions. Processes documents required to support service awards and decorations. Prepares DD Form 93, Record of Emergency Data. Maintains files of correspondence, directives, instructions, and other publications.

2.4. Provides casualty assistance. Administers casualty program. Prepares related reports and documents. Assists next of kin of deceased and missing personnel to apply for death gratuity pay, arrears of pay, veterans' affairs, social security, government and commercial life insurance, and other benefits.

2.5. Oversees personnel activities and functions. Inspects personnel activities for compliance with policies and directives. Reports discrepancies and recommends corrective action. Monitors personnel actions for timeliness, propriety, and accuracy. Ensures proper counseling of individuals on personnel programs, procedures, and benefits. Organizes and compiles management data and submits reports.

2.6. Performs CSS administrative functions. Prepares and processes administrative support actions relating to unit programs such as military sponsor, weight and body fat, squadron information, and enlisted and officer professional military education. Processes dental and physical rosters. Manages unit leave control program. Maintains suspense system for personnel actions and correspondence. Maintains and monitors duty status changes. Requisitions and maintains current study reference material for the airman promotion system. Prepares and processes Articles 15, letters of reprimand, investigation reports, unfavorable information files, and separation actions.

2.7. Performs Personnel Support for Contingency Operations (PERSCO) functions.

3. Specialty Qualifications:

3.1. Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: officer and airman classification systems and procedures; preparing and maintaining personnel records; assignment, promotion, testing, customer service, quality force, personnel readiness, PERSCO and deployment/mobilization procedures; interviewing and counseling techniques; policies and procedures relating to administrative communications, correspondence, messages, and general office management; overall organizational structure and its interrelationship with the mission; terminology and procedures employed within functional areas assigned; policies, programs, and procedures of agencies administering and providing benefits to military personnel, retirees, and family members; PDS capabilities and applications; occupational survey procedures; benefit programs; and principles, policies, and concepts of personnel management.

3.2. Education. For entry into this specialty, completion of high school with courses in English composition and speech is desirable.

3.3. Training. For award of AFSC 3S031, completion of a basic personnel course is mandatory.

3.4. Experience. The following experience is mandatory for award of the AFSC indicated:

3.4.1. 3S051. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3S031. Also, experience in functions such as maintaining personnel records, counseling, or classification and assignments.

3.4.2. 3S071. Qualification in and possession of AFSC 3S051. Also, experience performing or supervising one or more of the functions associated with preparing and maintaining PDS and manual records, personnel classification or usage, quality force management, auditing personnel records and reports, or career progression counseling.

3.5. Other. The following are mandatory as indicated:

3.5.1. For entry into this specialty: Ability to speak distinctly. See attachment 4 for additional entry requirements.

3.5.2. For award of AFSC 3S031, ability to operate a keyboard at a minimum rate of 25 words per minute (wpm).

3.5.3. For award and retention of AFSCs 3S051/71/91/00, must maintain an Air Force Network License according to AFI 33-115, Vol 2, Licensing Network Users and Certifying Network Professionals.