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Communications - Computer Systems Career Field

The Communications-Computer Systems (C-CS) Career Field encompasses both Communications-Computer and Communications-Electronics. Included are management, administration, operation, security, and restoral of C-CS in the client, server, and network environment, it's related operating systems software, hardware, and connectivity; related functions of messaging, host computer operations, systems control, and management of C-CS security programs, devices, and materials; functions required for planning and implementing C-CS; operations and supervision of high frequency radio networks and systems; the analysis, development, design, and programming of C-CS software and automated systems; and performance of electromagnetic spectrum management activities.

1. Specialty Summary. Manages communications-computer systems (C-CS) operations and software activities both at in garrison and deployed locations. Activities include system analysis and design, programming, systems operation and maintenance, resource management and security management. Monitors functional C-CS. Helps develop C-CS plans and policy. Ensures personnel are trained, equipped, and available to perform the assigned mission. Related DoD Occupational Subgroup: 153200.

2. Duties and Responsibilities:

2.1. Plans and organizes C-CS operations and software activities. Plans and supervises system installation, and evaluates facilities layout. Evaluates performance standards. Designs and develops organizational structures, and determines equipment, training, and supplies required for systems implementation and support. Interacts with customers to promote customer satisfaction. Establishes C-CS procedures.

2.2. Directs C-CS activities responsible for system analysis and design, programming, operations and maintenance, security, systems management, technical support, and resource management. Implements and interprets policies, directives, and procedures.

2.3. Establishes training requirements. Establishes training programs to meet local knowledge and certification requirements and to enhance professional awareness of C-CS technology.

2.4. Inspects and evaluates C-CS activities for compliance with directives. Evaluates, rates, and prepares reports on the C-CS activity effectiveness. Recommends and implements corrective action for improved methods and procedures. Evaluates effectiveness of equipment usage, systems performance, customer service, supplies, and system scheduling, processing, and maintenance.

2.5. Manages C-CS development functions. Helps functional users define requirements. Recommends automated methods to enhance resource use. Supervises functional user requirements translation into automated systems capabilities. Organizes software development teams that use software methodologies. Oversees data base design to optimize collecting and retrieving information. Supervises test and evaluation efforts to determine errors in logic, information flow, and system performance. Organizes and participates in C-CS implementation and conversion. Ensures continued interface between functional users, and programming and operations personnel for implemented systems. Ensures compliance with standards for systems software and documentation.

3. Specialty Qualifications:

3.1. Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of: techniques and procedures of systems analysis and design; software methodology; communications-computer processing; system operation and maintenance; system and equipment capability, capacity, and logic; and performance measurement, security, and resource management.

3.2. Education. Not used.

3.3. Training. Not used.

3.4. Experience. For award of AFSC 3C090, qualification in and possession of AFSC 3C071 or 3C072 is mandatory. Also, experience is mandatory in directing functions such as systems analysis, design, software development, teleprocessing systems operations and maintenance, C-CS security, or resource management.

3.5. Other. Specialty requires routine access to Top Secret material or similar environment. For award and retention of AFSC 3C090, completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) according to AFI 31-501, Personnel Security Program Management, is mandatory.