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Inspector General

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

Special Duty Summary. Plans, directs, conducts, and monitors inspector general (IG) programs and equipment. Provides policy guidance, procedures, planning, oversight, and direction for implementing the Air Force's Inspection System, Complaints Program, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Program at center, wing, and installation levels. Related DoD Occupational Group: 271200.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Plans, directs, conducts, and monitors IG activities. Operates and manages the Office of the Inspector General. Responsible for overall operation, administration, and management of IG programs. Formulates, plans, and establishes guidance and direction for administration, operation, training, employment, maintenance, supply, and safety of IG programs, resources, and activities supporting inspection programs; Quality Air Force Assessments (QAFA); complaints processing; FWA; military reprisal investigations and whistle blower protection; administrative investigations; use, denial, and release of IG records; and related education and awareness programs.

Organizes IG activities. Develops, establishes, and controls methods and procedures to implement IG policies and programs. Provides direction and policy guidance concerning IG programs, plans, requirements, management, and information flow to support inspections, QAFA, complaint processing, FWA, records release, congressional inquiries, and provides assistance and referral services.

Provides IG support. Maintains liaison with complainants and those seeking information. Determines customer needs through analysis of information. Establishes Office of the Inspector General procedures to receive, process, refer, and manage information, resources, assets, and activities to support operation and management of the Air Force's Inspection System, Complaints Program, and FWA Program. Directs and oversees office management. Advises personnel on IG responsibilities, policies, services, and programs. Conducts and monitors IG activities supporting inspections, QAFA, complaints processing, FWA, reprisal and military whistle blower protection, administrative investigations, release of IG complaint records and information, and referral services to ensure mission accomplishment. Trains commanders and educates base personnel on IG issues and procedures.

Reviews and evaluates IG programs and activities. Reviews and analyzes methods, procedures, practices, processes, and systems used to accomplish IG activities and functions. Initiates corrective action. Evaluates effectiveness of IG support and office management.

Assesses readiness, discipline, efficiency, and economy of assigned Air Force units and reports findings to the installation commander and higher headquarters. Conducts readiness exercise and evaluation activities. Reviews inspection reports, conducts inspections, and oversees and manages readiness exercise evaluations.

Special Duty Qualifications:

Knowledge. Knowledge is mandatory of operational employment concepts, Air Force leadership and management concepts and objectives, and their relationship to mission accomplishment.

Education. For entry into this SDI, a Master's degree in management, industrial management, education, psychology, public administration, or business administration with a major in management is desirable.