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  • 183d Medical Group Trains In Hawaii

    Members of the 183d Medical Group (MDG) attended mission essential readiness training in Hawaii Sept. 10-23, 2022. The training was all-inclusive for nurses, medical technicians, dentists and bio-environmental specialists.

  • 183d Air Operations Group Aids In Coalition Exercise Success

    Members of the 183d Air Operations Group (AOG) played an integral role in the success of Exercise PANAMAX 2022. PANAMAX is a large, joint and multinational exercise that focuses on ensuring the free flow of commerce through the Panama Canal. The exercise, in which a fictional Central American

  • Force Support Squadron Members Participate In Silver Flag

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN CAPITAL AIRPORT, Ill.  – Six airmen, and one officer from the 183d Wing Force Support Squadron took part in the Silver Flag 2022 training event Aug. 5-12 at Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Georgia.Throughout the event, the airmen learned the skills needed to set up and maintain bare base

  • Weapons Sustainment Training

    Approximately thirty members of the 183d SFS participated in a Weapons Sustainment Training at the Springfield Fire Dept. training facility on August 6-7, 2022. Airmen practiced drills with both the M4 and the M18 to increase their agility and speed while firing and taking cover in order to increase